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Amazing Animation

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We are being asked frequently to include animation into films we create, so we now have an exciting new animation department. We can design fresh ideas for a multitude of uses and a joint co-operation between us and our clients makes for a win win result.  

Using cartoon style drawings can entice viewers into watching the content you want shared.  


Would you like an animation of your departments training for home workers? If so, chat with us.

Could we create your whiteboard drawing from your meeting as an animation - a reminder to staff of your main meeting points?


Inspiration to your clients letting them know your USP. 

We can create a quick hand drawn social media message for you. 

Either give us a whole storyboard of your ideas or we can work on this for you. 

Below we show a Christmas animated film created to fit within White Swan Aesthetics marketing plan. There is a wider version of the film which is most suited to viewing on a website and Facebook, whilst the narrower sized film is best for Instagram and Twitter. 

Inspiration given to us by White Swan was Christmas Sparkles, Glitz and Glamour using their purple colour... 


Widescreen Version                                                                                        Square Instagram Version

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