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We are proud to show some of our latest films here...

White Swan Aesthetics

We created a brand story to show dreamy luxury for White Swan Aesthetics. Their product may require surgical operations, but we concentrated on the lifestyle and aspirations of their clients.

SCOM 2018  |  Core to Cloud 

Core To Cloud share their first Security + Compliance event with you SCOM2018 - from disruptive IT to evening fun, here's a taste of the day.

Adding a film to a social media campaign really strengthens the overall message. We helped create the look required for this brand and visually represent this in the film. 

Photogem  |  Social Media Film

The new disruptive FinTech bank - Starling, wanted to show the faces and enthusiasm behind their work. We created this film for them to share at their employment fair... which helped consolidate their ideas and showcase their brand.

Starling Bank  |  Why Join Starling?

These three Orbs produce edible mist that can be sucked up with straws. The flavours can be pretty much anything from chocolate to soil! This film has been viewed 73820 times on their YouTube channel.

The Orbs  |  Lick Me I'm Delicious

Anne Marie Photography has a brilliant Pop Up Studio where she captures a childs 'Expressions' and creates a fantastic grid of these images for the wall. She wanted a film to show her at work and we wanted to show how good she was with the children... we think we did rather well!

Pop Up Studio Expressions

Our brief was to create a short promotional film for The Bespoke Flower Company showing Emma & Holly at work. They wanted a styled film without too much of themselves being shown! Here is their response on receipt:  "We are thrilled with our film, we actually look quite professional!!! Thank you so, so much!"

The Bespoke Flower Company

Xander Casey Photography teaches Masterclasses at the world renowned photography conference in London - SWPP. We filmed Xander in action creating films that he could use to sell his courses to potential customers. They have helped his sales, so our job is done!

Xander Casey Photography | SWPP Day 2

A glorious way to have ice creams created before your eyes at any splendid event. Another ingenious contraption brought to you by Lick Me I'm Delicious.

The Nitro Pod  |  LMID

Best marketing videos Gloucestershire

Core Lighting  |  Marketing Film

Core Lighting came to us wanting to show how their battery opporated lights worked outside. This quick social media film gave important information about the lights whilst showing them in use.

Sumo the Tuk Tuk was driven by the Summarias from London to Turkey raising money for SUDEP Action. Emily Summaria dies from epilepsy suddenly at just eighteen and this film was created to raise awareness and money for the SUDEP Action charity.

Tuk Tuk To Turkey | SUDEP Action

We were asked to create a film to show exactly why the ColourPoint light is far superior to other similar products on the market. We needed to show all the different features on this light in a beautiful yet fairly quick way. Viewers attention spans rarely last longer than three minutes. We decided that the film should combine a studio and location shoot. From this film we created a short 60 second film perfect to view on Instagram... 

ColourPoint  |  Core Lighting Ltd

Exploding popcorn is created in this fabulous contraption. We can vouch for the caramel tastiness of it, as we had to taste trial it whilst filming! This marketing film is used to great effect by Lick Me I'm Delicious showing their clients how the machine looks when working.

The Popcorn Exploder  |  LMID

Dorothy & Theodore - This online shop wanted to create a Fathers Day marketing campaign showing items that were sold within their shop during the films story. At this point in time the film has been viewed 45,000 times alone on Facebook.

"We cannot recommend FleaBee Films highly enough.  Not only are Charlotte and Chris a pleasure to work with during the filming experience itself, their attention to detail in both the filming and editing is evident in the finished result.  We were left with a finished production which we are incredibly proud to share with our customers and sellers.  We very much hope to work with FleaBee Films again in the future.  Sally.  Owner and CEO of

Dorothy & Theodore

The Whirlwind Floss Spinner

Imagine candy floss flying through the air! This is Lick Me I'm Delicious's surreal invention and we created a web promo to capture the essence of it.

ColourPoint  |  Core Lighting Ltd

The Logopop Machine | Lick Me I'm Delicious 

Lick Me I'm Delicious is a brand creating superb inventions. Their contraptions provide events with edible masterpieces and we have enjoyed filming promos showing these at their best. The Logopop Machine is perfect for corporate events.

The Chocolate Tap provides a non stop flow of chocolate that pours forth and can be added to with delectable extras - think marshmallows! Lick Me I'm Delicious required a film to show how this machine works for their website.

The Chocolate Tap | LMID

Nitro Shaker  |  LMID

We love filming Lick Me I'm Delicious's new inventions. This alcoholic smoothie maker utilises liquid nitrogen to create spectacular drinks for all occasions!

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