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Every project we work on is different, so the below packages may not be exactly what you require and we'd love to chat through your ideas - please CALL US.


Would you like to market your business in your own words? Test out how a video adds value to your website and social media with our One Minute Intro Video. Here you will get used to how we work and then keep a tab on how the video helps your marketing.

We provide your video formatted to the correct size for your website, without subtitles and then with subtitles for the social media formats. 

  • Script help can be provided

  • One hour filming in your office

  • Two hours editing

Free Consultation fo chat through your video requirements.

Intro One Minute Video - £200

The House Ministry   |  'How I Work'


"I approached Charlotte and Chris Jack of Fleabee Films to make a short promotional video for my business.

Charlotte and Chris guided me on what would be the ideal length of film and some script ideas to help me frame what to communicate. Chris then helped me edit my script to get across what I wanted to say within the length of time we wanted the film to be.

On filming day Chris and Charlotte arrived with lots of impressive equipment to film from several angles and were extremely professional and very friendly. They put me at ease and gave me gentle tips on how to reduce my nerves and improve my delivery.

With Charlotte’s expert direction for the look and feel of the film, and Chris’s technical and editing skills, I’m delighted with the finished result. They delivered a high resolution version for my website, as well as subtitled copes for social media.

I wholehearted recommend their services and look forward to making more films with them.

Julia Murray
The House Ministry"


Your future clients will gain confidence in your product or service if they hear from your past happy clients. These films can show you talking about a service and then hearing from your clients whilst showing what they do. A dual location video shoot.

  • Script help can be provided

  • One hour filming in your office

  • One hour filming in a different location

  • 3 hours editing

Testimonial Video - £400


This is a more in depth Marketing Film for your company with heavy visuals

  • Script/ Storyboard help can be provided

  • Half a day (4 hours) of filming

  • A days editing

Marketing Video - £600

Lick Me I'm Delicious


"Have worked with Chris and Charlotte for years and can fully recommend their services, they are absolute professionals and have produced many stunning videos for my business.  They are also a joy to work with (and have a really cute dog!)

Charlie Francis



Such an important part of your marketing strategy is to create enough content for your continuous social media and Blog posts. Do not fear we are here to help!

  • A full days filming

  • Two days of editing.

Social Media Content  |  FIVE short videos - £1000


 It is always tricky to keep the continuous posts going on social media, so having short videos to intersperse with photos and messages gives interest and keeps content fresh for viewers. 

  • Full days filming

  • Two and a half days of editing

Social Media Content  |  SEVEN short videos - £1350


This is a great way to keep your name in the forefront of viewers minds by having lots of fresh content. Chat with us about how we can help you.

  • A full days filming (we can discuss if more filming time is required)

  • Three days of editing

Social Media Content  |  TEN short videos - £1800

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