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Each of the films we create has to fulfil a brief whether it is marketing a product, a thought or an experience. We work closely with our clients to gauge exactly what they want from the final film and then produce this. 


Our clients wanted to show their new event in all it's disruptive IT glory from specialist speakers to the after party. We were given a list of 'wants' and they were extremely happy with the end result. 

Core Lighting wanted a film to show their amazing new products and how they work. Using a studio set up gives the lighting drama here.


We listen to our customers and design a look for their film to complement the final product. Whether it is used on their own website or being emailed out as part of a campaign, the finished film will be perfectly styled.


The inspiration can come from you, our clients, or we are happy to chat with you to create well thought through ideas and styles to capture the imagination of your  customers.

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