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The innovative and inspiring Rock The Cotswolds co-ordinated a group of movers 'n shakers in the property development world to bring together their huge knowledge within their prospective fields. They brought 40 experts together to debate how the UK’s smaller towns and cities can successfully compete with larger rivals for funding, investment and skilled people. The sharing of ideas and gathering of information for a Green Paper will shortly be made available to UK town and city councils.

It was freezing in the former HM Prison Gloucester, now owned by heritage developer City & Country, but steaming coffee and a lunch provided by The Malthouse helped the ideas to flow!

Here is a film to show the highlights of the day, whilst below are listed all the contributing sponsors and companies involved in the inspiring event:

Charles Landry - keynote speaker

C40 - Kate Godding

Explain The Market - Guy Shone

Richard Graham - MP for Gloucester

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