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We spent a great day filming Lick Me I'm Delicious's new contraptions in Bristol at Bandfilms. After a spectacularly bad journey to Bristol (2 hours for a 45 minute trip!) we have a very successful day covering the Popcorn Exploder, Chocolate Tap and Nitro Pods.

Here we are all at work in the lovely large infinity studio capturing the Popcorn Exploder.

Web promotional film, corporate video, web video, gloucestershire filming, Lick Me I'm Delicious

And Chris is on the SteadyCam filming the Chocolate Tap. This was a mighty difficult item to film, as the reflective surface showed us always in it! We had to utilise angles...

Web promotional film, corporate video, web video, FleaBee Films

And then the three finished films...

The Popcorn Exploder

The Chocolate Tap

The Nitro Pod

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